01 January, 2018

Miscellanea [01 Jan. 2018 - 31 March. 2018]

5 Feb 18                            

While we stand with the successful #women who now allege #sexual excesses by the powerful, during their early rise, through campaigns like #MeToo, shouldn't we also offer silent salaams to those that refused to tolerate these and instead chose to stay in oblivion?

11 Feb 18                          

What business does the PM of a secular republic have, to go, inaugurate #temples abroad? Is this the publicity a progressive #India of a large scientific pool deserves? I feel that our constitution that preaches scientific temper is violated. Do you feel so, too?

12 Feb 18                          

Degenerative #democracy is a system in which stars of excellence of a society are subjugated to, and governed by its scrum. Isn't it time to ask whether we are heading that way?

12 Feb 18                          

Bright worked hard, smart, kept progressing, while his friend Duffer, a brag & bully, was rusticated & joined extortion & lynch gangs. Bright passed #IAS, served in distinguished positions & became Home Secretary. He now reports to Duffer, the Home #Minister!.

26 Feb 18                          

Those that lack the #courage and perseverance to ask daring #questions are destined to live with stupid #answers

28 Feb 18                          

"During his vanvasa Lord #Rama was very fond of potato" or that "Prophet #Mohammed generously distributed chocolates amongst poor children" would be readily lapped up by the #faithful unmindful of these products being introduced to the old world by #Columbus in 16th c.

8 March 18                       

#Faith would sustain only by fanatic belief; if you allow for moderation, much less #reason, you ought to end up a rationalist, unless you suspend it arbitrarily.

23 March 18                     

"I Love..."
Why does this sentence look incomplete? Because #love is cultivated as a transaction, that needs a target, rather than as a temperament and culture. Think of 'Loving Nature' as a possibility.

26 March 18                     

Those condemning #fundamentalists are apparently misdirecting their fire. It's the blind #faith, itself, Sir.
Believers who don't practise their faith firmly and "purely" are called hypocrites, while those that do are called fundamentalists.

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