01 July, 2017

Miscellanea [01 Jul. 2017 - 30 Sep. 2017]

2 July 17                            

Be #happy your way, with your means. It's foolish to be unhappy trying to be happy in the ways of other people.

2 July 17                            

It's human to fear isolation for your convictions. But remember that every so often a single Galileo or Darwin had truth on the whole planet

11 July 17                          

The more you keep fighting to force your #faith upon one another, the sooner will be the demise of #faith itself

13 July 17                          

#Materialism is the single largest source of evil in our society. Cliché? Then cite a bigger one

25 July 17                          

Doing 'nothing' is so damn difficult; we keep doing silly things instead!

30 July 17                          

If you don't drink enough #WATER everyday, you underestimate this cheap cure for multiple ailments: blisters, constipation, stress...

31 July 2017                     

The trends in the #nation today are such that for hope and inspiration we have to turn to our #past rather than look to the future

4 August 17                      

- Rakhi is no different from Mangalasutra in its fundamental nature, that there is no distinct sanctity separate from another, sensual relationship
- That every woman would be comfortable tying Rakhi. What if some feel uncomfortable and insecure in treating a not so close colleague in the office as her 'brother'.
- A boy friend cannot similarly respect and adore and protect his girl friend, whom he wouldn't tie a Rakhi to.

Don't Western societies show such decency and chivalry without tying a Rakhi? It is the spirit of respect for women in general rather than the ritual of tying Rakhi that would determine the extent of respect enjoyed.

5 August 17                      

Don't you see the falling standards of secularism and Muslim marginalization?

Shouldn't we worry that a secular democracy offers no representation to Muslims and instead take solace in comparing ourselves with a non-secular state we often call a failed state?
I thought any fair and somewhat secular person would find it indefensible that not one minister in GoG is Muslim for 15 yrs. And that in the GoI just two innocuous Ministers of state of which one is used to court Muslim countries. That when the Hindutva blames Muslims to be around 15% of population
If that doesn't bother you I am sorry you fail to feel the pinch.

11 Aug 17                          

Read on!

6 Sep 17                            

Plenty of evidence now exists to show that Godhra was not a Muslim handiwork. It is doubly cruel to blame Muslims for 2002 genocide and to exonerate the marauding Hindutva mobs.
The fact of the matter is that neither Hindus, nor Muslims are shy of violence. Those whose muscle gets to work, do. Law, order, fair play and compassion are yet to become dominant traits of these communities

19 Aug 17                          

Doesn't the wayward #vote seller's vote counting at par with that of a scholar who painstakingly evaluated contestants, dampen the latter?

19 Aug 17                          

Learn from all & pay attention to everything but eventually do your thing, & own it up. Act wisely but never repent with #hindsight

19 Aug 17                          

When you feel embarrassed at your #failure, ask who created you? If God's effort failed, yours may well.

19 Aug 17                         

Expect #unfairness & ingratitide; and try to #forgive - so that you may focus energies on more worthy pursuits

28 Aug 17                          

Yun to kehne ko fasaane hain jigar main koote
Par naheen lafz-e-bayaan, aur na zubaan kaafi ha
(While my heart is choking with tales to tell, neither do I have the vocabulary, nor adequate articulation

2 Sep 17                            

As you reflect on everyday's unfairnesses, you wonder if #God exists, and if he does, is He just and compassionate

4 Sep 17                            

Why do people crave for #politics, #cinema and #sports? Because the rewards can be mind bogglingly high.

6 Sep 17                            

Remember: most #fascists were born out of charming, mesmerizing leaders worshipped by people once.

8 Sep 17                            

#Statesman= alerts people to tomorrow's problems today
#Politician= successfully gets them to defer today's problems to tomorrow

9 Sep 17                            

Why is there perceptible direct correspondence between increased #religiosity and decreased #prosperity and peace, almost globally?

9 Sep 17                            

On average, #cows produce around 100 to 500 liters of methane per day in the form of flatulence: ,#PopSci

18 Sep 17                          

The culture of an estranged #couple shows from the respect with which both treat their #children, and the children treat them both

19 Sep 17                          

Confuse not #success with peace & #happiness. The most successful often hide their acute, deep pains successfully!

19 Sep 17                          

If you are not #alone, at least for some time everyday, you are not your self

19 Sep 17                          

Some may #despise you because you fail them; others because they #envy you

19 Sep 17                          

To #live well and truly is to #love across barriers of familiarity, time and space

19 Sep 17                          

If one is not a bit #unpopular, either he has no #ideology, or no spine. Or he possesses enviable finesse.

23 Sep 17                          

Whisper I #LOVE YOU: a lot of necks will turn. Whisper I #HATE YOU: few will show interest. What a hate-filled world!

24 Sep 17           

While I felt shocked at the barbarity of a section of people of Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims, what benumbs me more is the naked communalism and gruesome hate of several commentators on this thread against Muslims. 
Yes, part of such hate against Muslims is understandable. Because, unarguably, some Muslims did indulge in terrorism in the name of jihad globally. And, yes, they created a perception of a violent community. But do remember that not all Muslim violence was born in the name of Islam. Some of it was born in the womb of American and European imperialism and colonialism. For instance, the Taliban were empowered by the US against the then USSR. Similarly the ISIS was no less a child of the rape of Iraq.
This thread is specific to the suffering of the Rohingyas. Do Rohingya Muslims deserve this? Do you deserve this? Would YOU accept similar justification if you were to suffer this fate, instead?
In the 2020's you may hear of a new brand of Muslim militants / jihadists, killing innocent Myanmaris or Budhists. Many of you will not remember, then, that these 'terrorists' were born right now in 2017. Right here. In your indifference, if not hate.

24 Sep 17                          

May we preserve the moments when our grandest #achievements and our worst #pains both appear trivial!

26 Sep 17                          

RT @physorg_com: Driverless hover-taxi makes first 'concept' flight in Dubai https://t.co/KwoV7Wm1sJ | #Drones changing our lives

27 Sep 17                          

RT @WIREDScience: What, you don't know what #gravity balls are? https://t.co/u8djhWwvXC | Amazing marriage of #ITech & #physics

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