01 October, 2018

Miscellanea [01 Oct. 2018 - 31 Dec. 2018]

1 Oct 18                             

We create #religions, nations, castes... and then kill each other for their sake. Which other specie harms itself such??

1 Oct 18                             

Nations whose #defense budget is higher than #education and health, must remain illiterate and sick. Therefore, unsecure.

3 Oct 18                             

What is is real; what should be is ideal. Realists stress coping with today. Idealists await a better tomorrow. You who?

8 Oct 18                             

That is not called SAME work. Same also means 'of the same quality, calibre, dedication' etc. I am totally for merit-driven reward and punishment system.
What is the justification, however, that our sweeper / maid servant gets 8K for so much work, while that of the Govt or municipal corporation - for much lesser work and far more security and perks - gets twice and trice as much? The private sector can't pay so much as it doesn't collect tax revenues.
Guess what: you compare our sweeper boy/girl with that of the govt by any empirical standard, ours will be found any day working harder and smarter than them. But his/her misfortune is that they did not have a godfather at the time of their recruitment.
Are the beneficiaries of the 7th Pay Commission proportionately - or even noticeably - better than their fractionally paid private sector counterparts?
This is what I question and protest.
If I were to launch a political party one of its major agenda would be to level up this disparity!

18 Oct 18                          

You need to go back a few more centuries in time and Aryans [the dominant Hindus of today] will appear to be the invaders to the Dravidians [arguably the South Indians / Hill people / Adivasis], not forgetting the Hindu annexation of Budhist and Jain temples and vice versa.
Did you not accept the 1947 cut-off as a new beginning, cleansed of all past rancor? Would this mindset not invite retaliation of various sorts, and forms? And give rise to assertion of various other subsumed identities?
Could Prayag and Allahabad not coexist as they did all these decades?

18 Oct 18                          

How is Akbar an invader any more than are the Aryans to Dravidians? Where would one stop going back in time? 1947 was settled as a date for a fresh beginning, cleansed of all past rancour, wasn't it? So what is the meaning of a constitutional republic? Prayag exists as an adjacent city. Both could coexist without one subsuming the other.
It is a deliberate slight to the Muslims of India, and an invite to the chauvinistic Hindus for 2019 elections, ain't it?

19 Oct 18                          

When a govt does well it talks progressive agenda, and when it feels like failing, it invokes chauvinism and God

26 Oct 18                          

If you were one of those unfortunate millions of Indians who cannot book an urgent train travel to meet your sick relative, or to appear for a recruitment test, or were so vulnerable that you could not plan your travel at your will... and have no way of getting yourself into a train despite paying full fare, you probably will laugh at those much taunted advantages of one single Bullet Train connecting just two major cities in one corner of India. I happen to empathize with them.

26 Oct 18                          

It appears that the chief source of #human #misery, at all times in history, lay in the #egos of a few.

26 Oct 18                          

Until people start making their own #decisions, a few will wield disproportionate power by manipulating the gullible many

26 Oct 18                          

The best #government is one which does not exist but is not missed

26 Oct 18                          

#Advertisement: much as you irk me, I can't thank you enough for all the knowledge you bring me, free!

27 Oct 18                          

Every sensible and sensitive human, specially of Muslim variety, should clearly choose not to pray, if the choice were strictly restricted to the binary of a] murder and rape on the one hand, and b] prayers, on the other.
My rudimentary understanding of Islam shows that this fellow has not even grasped the basic tenet of the religion. Either he is stupid enough to be carried away by something he read out of context, or he is mentally deranged.
In any case, a civilized society should arrest and prosecute such a man on the charge of promoting murder and rape. Unfortunate of his mother, sister, and wife that their fellow condones rape for salah.

31 Oct 18                          

If I am an intellectual, love my country, know its culture, write a few books, praise our traditions then I can:
- talk sheer nonsense at times
- endorse quacks and frauds at will unmindful of its impact
- fall prey to trickery and fraud and lead others to follow suit.
So, you see, I am basically for the MAN, not for his WORK! I value people for who I think they are, not what they DO.

8 Nov 18                            

One sure test of true #Patriots is whether they made India more #United or more Polarized

12 Nov 18

Wish this rejoinder appeared along with the documentary! In our part of India we get to read / hear very little about Kashmir in the mainstream media. Except about acts of militancy or an occasional football match the media usually covers little.
And with due respect to the Kashmiri activists enough effort doesn't seem to have gone in educating Indian public opinion. Most of our youth - even law graduates - have no idea whatsoever why the laws of the Union must exclude Kashmir from their jurisdiction.
Apparently two more parts of the series are set to be released:

12 Nov 18                         

We struggle our lifetime to resolve problems that we didn't create!

20 Nov 18                         

We discovered macro world above, and micro world below. But we remain in the centre. Observers usually do.
Keep observing.

22 Nov 18                         

#Hypocrisy is the foundation of all #religiosity. The honest alternative is #fanaticism.

24 Nov 18                         

When people and nations look too much within and inwards, trust me, they are scared of looking outwads to others

24 Nov 18                         

Everything I do can be improved. Even by me. The trouble is: there is another thing waiting to be done!

28 Nov 18                         

Younger fellow humans! Please fathom and absorb the significance of this event and comprehend the many different technologies and processes and theories have gone into making this robot that performs to such perfection 14 light minutes / 55 million KMs away six months after launch. And while you watch some interesting short videos here I will offer a Salaam to all those heroes that worked ceaselessly at the JPL at CIT:

6 Dec 18                            

Why is it so difficult for so many to make simple #logical deductions in daily life and, instead, fall for charlatans?

7 Dec 18                            

1. There is no question that this has been an outright politically motivated campaign. My contention is that, sadly, it HAS been successful.
2. The author's endorsement of the opinion "..that any compromise, irrespective of its terms, would be seen as a betrayal of the interests of the Muslims. The recrimination will only grow with time, they fear, while even a total reversal from the apex court would bring a sense of closure in the long term." seems to lack logic.
How? How will a verdict against Muslims not encourage more disputes, say, at the courts? And why would the pot not be kept boiling - legitimately?
3. Bureaucracy opposing the compromise? My reading is just the opposite. Rapidly most Hindus - bureaucrats, cops, army-men, teachers, doctors and lawyers included - are openly accusing Muslims of intransigence. Wrongly? Yes. Effectively? Yes, again, lethally effectively.
4. Yes, there is a valid apprehension that a compromise will encourage more such claims. Which is why one of the conditions I listed is a statutory barring of such disputes. If they can't figure out how to achieve that, you need not compromise. But at least make that gesture.
5. Realism: There was a time when all they wanted was a temple at the spot and didn't mind a mosque some distance away. Now they want the latter no nearer than Lucknow. How long do you believe the hapless Muslims - particularly of Ayodhya - can sustain the pressure? What if they caved under pressure?
MOVE SUCH THAT EITHER A FAIR RESOLUTION IS FOUND BY GIVE AND TAKE, OR AT LEAST SO THAT ORDINARY HINDUS CAN'T BE TOLD THAT MUSLIMS ARE OPPOSING THE TEMPLE. From now on, instead, you could say "Hindu politico-religious leadership is obstructing the Ram Temple"
And THAT is perception management, in the very least.

9 Dec 18                            

When I say “they run away with my sisters”, I also say “my sisters #elope with them”, insulting both, the sisters and the family.

10 Dec 18                          

is what you know.
is what use you put it to.

10 Dec 18                          

Don't be afraid of asking #Questions.
Your Answerer
- if he knows better -
has many more, for sure.

10 Dec 18                          

If India retains
#secularism & #pluralism,
after these turbulent times,
it speaks volumes for its embedded civilization.

13 Dec 18                          

While all #religions mention heavenly bodies, none describes with any certainty any elemental particle. Doesn't this show that they were constrained by pre-microscopic human #knowledge?

26 Dec 18                          

The only true universal God is POWER itself
- Power of muscle, money, knowledge, and sometimes of love!
Call it energy if you will

26 Dec 18                          

If all believers agreed on defining #God as one that created the Laws of Universe, and retired, much Good will emerge.

26 Dec 18                          

Unworthy kings frighten the vulnerable, belittle predecessors, exaggerate challenges & trump up achievements. The worthy ones protect the weak, respect heritage, laugh of difficulties and underplay victories.

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