12 September, 2019


 [PEHLU KHAN and TABREZ ANSARI were killed in barbaric mob violence either in outright hate or under hate-filled suspicion. Of these gory crimes glaring video evidence is available. Earlier all those accused of murdering Pehlu Khan were acquitted by the court for ‘want of evidence’. Now the prosecution has withdrawn murder charge against the killers of Tabrez, attributing this to ‘heart failure’. This double whammy has, as it should, stirred the conscience of multitude of people world-wide, including Hindus. If you are one of them, as you must be, this call is not for you. Pass this on to someone who isn’t.]

1) Do you honestly believe the establishment line that NOBODY killed Pehlu Khan and Tabrez Ansari?
a) Despite the glaring evidence of their lynching by the mobs on the video?
b) And of huge circumstantial and corroborative evidence?

2) If you don’t so believe, why, then, did you not erupt in rage?
a) Have you forgotten your Dharma? Your commitment to the Truth?
b) Would you have remained so silent, so circumspect, if the victims were Hindus and the accused Muslims?
c) Don’t you at heart also hate Muslims?
i) Isn’t the adharma inside you providing you with lame alibis seeking some justification for such un-Hindu acts?
d) Are you incapable of exerting public pressure on a Govt that is professedly and outspokenly pro-Hindu?

3) Is it an act of courage and chivalry to kill the hapless?
a) Or of cowardice, fear and insecurity, of hate and revenge?
b) Are these sentiments lofty, worthy of tolerating, much less striving for?
c) Will these enhance and glorify your image?

4) Don’t you see that this is a plain inhuman and barbaric - and not a Hindu - action?
a) By protecting the accused, isn’t the establishment projecting the Hindus as the murderers, the violent lynchers?
i) Don’t you blame the Muslims for the acts of a few Muslim terrorists, a few Jihadis?
ii) And the Afghans, for the acts of a few Talibans?
b) Don’t you realize that these marauders are maligning your dharma, culture, ideology and legacy, world-wide?
i) And besmirching your reputation, erasing the legacy of the Mahatma?
ii) That this is against ahimsa, against all norms of civilized conduct?
c) Is this not very much reminiscent of the AlQaeda, Taliban’s, ISIS et al?
i) [Indeed, even those terrorists killed with less barbarity as they used the guns, due to haste. They did not have the luxury of killing at leisurely pace, using kicks and lathis and taking turns, over several hours]
ii) Aren’t you going to be equated with them, as Hindu Taliban?
d) Can you show these videos to your young children -
i) And proclaim with pride: these killers are Hindus?
ii) And encourage them to become them?

5) Do you honestly care for India’s future? For the future of our civilization?

6) Doesn’t it hurt your pride as a Hindu and as an Indian, that an average Muslim child today grows hating or disliking you for being his bete noire?

7) And doesn’t this bother you that the fanatic would use this disenchantment of Muslim masses to aid their sinful designs?

8) Doesn’t it alarm the Indian in you, to see such alarming collapse of civil conscience, and of the law and order enforcing machinery, the judiciary, and of large sections of media that chose silence over outcry?
a) For hours the killers were at their barbaric worst – torturing slowly, in broad daylight – while no police, no civilians, no ordinary you and I intervened to stop this barbarism.

9) Don’t you recognize that this sets a dangerous trend and is potentially highly damaging to the idea of India, the nation-state?

10) As nationalists don’t you see that these instances
a) Greatly demotivate Muslims and other minorities?
i) Nay, alienate them, from nation-building?
b) That Kashmiris and the people of the North East will further distance from the mainland due to such double whammy?

11) Can’t you see that soon these videos will surely go world-wide, exciting and charging Muslims that care, everywhere.
a) Would this not impact adversely the Hindus living in Muslim majority nations?
i) What if some fanatic sets out to take revenge, targeting innocent Hindus?
ii) Will you not have contributed to that counter barbarism with your silence today?

a) You could - and can - do lots if you cared, and felt the pain genuinely.
i) It is in your power to vote the CM and the PM in and out.
ii) In our democracy you are the Master.
iii) Therefore, these acts have your condescending nod.
b) Act NOW if you don’t wish to be held liable by posterity.
i) Exert pressure on your legislators, your clergy, the government and the media to punish the guilty.
ii) Outcast the killers from amidst you
iii) Outvote the politicians that protected them
iv) Expose and boycott the cops and the babus that failed to do their duty
v) Write condemning posts on your social media, denounce the accused and offer condolences to the bereaved. Tell them that you are the real Hindu.
vi) And share this with your friends who repent like you, requesting them to add their condemnation
c) Seize Hinduism from THEM – back into your hands – and proclaim:
iii) Don’t delay this, as some Muslims did. Don’t suffer the blame that they do.

[Conscientious Hindus – of whom there is no dearth – will understand my anguish, and that they are not my addressees.]

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