29 September, 2019


"There is a long held belief among politicians, citizens and even political scientists that regardless of all their fallacies, people as a whole are capable of successfully participating in a democracy. Rosenberg questions that assumption." says this Harvard and Oxford educated political scientist.

The poet Iqbal had questioned the effectiveness, in a different context, of a democratic system that granted equal weight to all votes

Rosenberg goes on to explain, tellingly:
"In this environment, where the elite control is declining and people are anyway incapable of comprehending complex functions of democracies, Right-wing populists have a special appeal. They provide “simpler, more readily understood organization of political life”.

These Right-wing populists often provide an “us versus them” rationale, where “us” are inherently right about everything. This, according to Rosenberg, is the anti-thesis of a well-functioning democracy, which allows space for opposing opinions to exist."


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