06 October, 2019


There is so much to complain, grieve and worry about, around us. So much to produce warning alarms. And TAHZEEB, I hope, will continue to alert fellow countrymen about these. 
But we may also occasionally pause, count our blessings and ward off our depression. 
A massive monsoon onslaught has just ended [I think so]. By and large, [barring catastrophes such as in Mumbai and Patna when incessant downpours destabilized the cities for 2-4 days] misery passed by and life could be resumed soon enough. 
Yes, east India, may be, several places in rural India and several towns here and there experienced considerable inconvenience, and even loss of life due to building collapse, flooding and submergence. 
We may, yet, say that in most cities electricity was either not interrupted or was reconnected soon enough, disease control was mostly effective, NDRF and others did perform their duty in saving human lives. 
Weather forecast worked mostly. 
A century ago Monsoon meant pure disaster. In the Brahmaputra and Ganga basins and along their path destruction was massive. And post monsoon epidemics were a recurring phenomenon. 
Let us stand up and salute our planners, our science, our rescuers and our able, duty conscious political leaders, babus and jawans and our selfless good Samaritans. Howsoever few they may be. Indeed, more so, if they are so few. 
India is work in progress. And we are all playing our part in it. In the larger scheme of the evolution of our race, and of our civilization. 

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