18 October, 2019


POVERTY: The bank balance in a competitor's account 

INSULT: The luxury of feeling hurt when life and liberty are secure 
SUCCESS: Often a pleasant confluence of favourable circumstances 
SOVEREIGNTY: The supremacy of the powerful nations 
JUSTICE: Often a delayed, tiny compensation for gruesome injustice suffered a long time ago 
HAPPINESS: That which already is, and which one can never acquire if one fails to recognize its presence. 
DEMOCRACY: A system created by and for those that can influence the voting behaviour of enough adults 
VOTING: An exercise, usually performed by foot, seldom challenging mental faculties, in the service of the Leader. 
LEADER: A smart person who successfully plants his dreams as your mission 
MAN: Always a boy, at times mischievous. 
WRITING: The helpless artful belching of the 'thought-ful' writer. 
FACEBOOK: Usually less of a book and more of a face! 
WOMAN: [under formulation, since I don't agree she is 'woe of man'!] 
That, I hope, offered you some change in these stressful times. How about adding yours? 

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