29 October, 2019


 Will the violent end of IS’s #Abu Bakr’s life [and hopefully of the IS itself] terminate this tragic and terrible delusion of Muslims for the #Islamic #Caliphate?

Will they recognize the alarming writings on the wall? And will they do the most sensible thing that they should do, viz, engage with constructive, secular and progressive endeavours?


Considerable numbers of Muslims are incredibly gullible and can buy into any idea that promises the return of their past glory.

Didn’t they, not long ago, celebrate the ghastly 9/11 stupidity that eventually cost over a million Muslim lives globally, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan and indirectly in Pakistan? And which forever altered the relationship of the rest of the world with the Muslims?

Did they learn a lesson from the tragic, shameful and hugely embarrassing end of their first hero, #Osama Bin Laden’s life? And nearly of #AlQaeda?

Did they not, after all this, swallow and, indeed, embrace Abu Bakr’s grand delusion of global khilafat [caliphate, or Islamic empire]

America in general and Trump in particular have lost the earlier credibility. Yet this news of the American dogs [literally!] forcing the self-proclaimed Caliph of Muslims, Abu Bakr Badhdadi, to blow himself and his family up in their suicide vests, does seem convincing.

If so, this is another huge - and clearly foreseen – shame to the entire Muslim community, and specially to that section of the ummah that somehow believed him, and harboured the dream of the return of Islamic caliphate, of the suzerainty of Islam over the West, and actually celebrated every major terrorist act of #IS as a war victory.

It is time, my brethren, to BURY this and all such dreams and delusions, and to recognize the harsh reality of the state of our existence.

It is time they also recognized that this concept of ‘ummah’ [meaning a united, trans-territorial Islamic brotherhood] is a huge deception, in itself. [If they thought that Kashmiri Muslims are being oppressed by the BJP government, they should consult the emirs of Dubai and Saudi Arabia, who are showering praises on Modi, while most of the other 50 odd Muslim countries look the other way!]

Come, let us focus all our attention on education, health, economic empowerment and scientific pursuits, in active alliances with the secular world. There is still some goodwill left. And a little time, before we hit the end of the tunnel, like Abu Bakr did.

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