13 November, 2019


[This time around last year.... ]

They said: "India is a Hindu state; Its Judiciary will never do justice to Muslims" Etc

But when [like other genuinely concerned people like @Zameer Uddin Shah] I proposed: "Let's be realistic, negotiate lasting peace with statutory safeguards against religious politics, and gift that land to Hindus, so as to generate goodwill and ease the Muslim life".

They cried: COWARD, you! A Traitor. Some worthies polished their English with my licks on the wrong a***** while others called me a RSS Agent! And much worse.

Today, after the SC verdict all they say is: "We already knew this would happen". Alas, if only they did!

It is these arm-chair, do-nothing, fantasized and fanciful middle- class leaders that are supposed to spearhead our wretched community's march into modernity!

Have a hope! These men do little more than distract progressive discourse and destroy construction narrative on cosmopolitan platforms that some of us so painstakingly nurture.

Hypocritical, blinded by unreason, and unable to grasp reality, they have no genuine sense of universal humanism. They use Hindu goodwill in vain attempt to promote Islam. They are the 2nd biggest obstacle to genuinely harmonious Muslim-Hindu co-existence in India.

Drenched in their cozy comfort, they have little idea of what has befallen the hapless, ordinary, resource-deprived Muslims, out there, hopelessly dependent upon Hindu patronage for his daily bread.

I know that they will exhort the hungry to trust God to feed him mysteriously! But they won't spare a farthing!! They seldom rejoiced in giving, sans the greed promised by faith.

The earlier the Muslim masses get rid of such leadership the earlier will they make genuine progress.

I would any day trust the genuinely secular and humane Hindu activist more than these friends, for the amelioration of the Muslim condition.

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