03 November, 2019


 Oh, dear, good #Science: forgive those ignorant #Mullahs, #Pandits and #Padris that condemn, deride and ridicule you, for they know not what they are doing...

How would these frogs of tiny, dark, dingy wells know the majesty of your accomplishments out in the deep seas and up in the high skies!

How you are unravelling the nature's mysteries that demolishes their lazy assumptions and ignorant predilections

How you are unearthing secrets untold by their scriptures and rebutting the forebodings and prophesies they scripted

How you are doing what they regarded impossible and how you are disproving what they sold as the gospel truth

You eradicated the diseases their gods sent upon their own children as punishments for sins they never committed

You are providing access to comforts and luxuries they could barely fathom even in their fancied paradises

Your professionals routinely do what their avatars and prophets could not even imagine

Thanks to you, humanity is now breathing in truths that were actively discouraged and forbidden by their massive machinery and crippling infrastructure

Thanks to you humanity is not only now bridging the distrust they so laboriously sowed between their followers, but actively connecting one another across #religions, age, class, space and time.

Thanks to you it appears likely that the wretched humanity that these men condemned to eternal bloodshed, disease and poverty is now likely to set sails on the worlds unseen and beyond their comprehension

Forgive them but stun their followers with facts, thus rendering them incapable of causing further damage.

I thank you Science - the only true Truth and Saviour - for guiding us in making informed and smart decisions in everyday life for the betterment of the human species and for the whole planet.

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