08 November, 2019


[Data presents its Rank/No of countries, as per the most recent credible data. Parameters arranged alphabetically] 

I invite you to ponder each parameter carefully, and sensitively, and then pause and ask: which policies of its government and attitudes of its citizens may have contributed to this disturbing situation: 
Air Quality [Avg PM 2.5 concentration]: 84/92 
Corruption Perceptions Index: 78/180 
Democracy Ranking: 65/112 
Education Index: 145/191 
E-Government: 96/192 
Environmental Performance Index: 177/180 
Football – men's: 104/210 
Gender Inequality Index: 76/188 
Global Hunger Index: 102/117 

Global Innovation Index: 52/129 
Global Peace Index: 136/163 
GNI (PPP) per capita: 124/179 
Healthy life expectancy: 109/141 
Human Development Index: 130/188 
Intellectual property Index: 36/50 
Internet connection speeds: 89/149 
Internet users (% of population): 141/228 
Life expectancy: 125/183 
Literacy rate: 168/234 
Minimum wages: 64/156 
Per capita GDP (PPP): 122/187 
Per capita GDP: 139/187 
Press Freedom Index: 140/180 
Public debt: 82/189 
Rule of Law Index: 66/113 
Vehicles per capita: 84/163 
World Happiness Report: 140/156 
I am sure you will agree that these indices show the country in dire need for revolutionary reform, and the society as requiring a thorough overhaul. 
The embarrassed citizens, I believe, need to seriously introspect, and rapidly unleash social change. 
CORRIGENDUM: I am sorry that in this post I used the word PAKISTAN where I actually should have written INDIA. My deplorable confirmation bias! 

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