19 November, 2019


World-wide the #youth is agitated and angry against bad economics, corruption, authoritarianism and bad governance. In Lebanon, Chile, Bolivia, Hong Kong, France, Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa, Brazil...people have taken to roads.

But none of it in India. No mass resistance, no display of anger and agitation, no violence.

And no, this pacifism is not because our youth have taken after Bapu. On the contrary, they largely disapprove of him and deem him irrelevant to our times

I read their pacifism as even more dangerous than some mass resistance and a little anger, because I attribute this apparent peace to their despondency, hopelessness and frustration.

Worn off the long spell of Congress rule, and tired of the frequent coalition experiments, they thought a strong leader - with substantial hold on parliament - would rapidly steer the nation towards their El dorado.

Unfortunately most now already feel that the train has derailed, and that the situation is not likely to improve anytime soon. Even the hope of acche din has faded away.

Hence their pacifism - kind of reconciliation - bordering fatalism.

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