05 January, 2020


The popular participation in protests against CAA is hopeful and reassuring in sofar as it shows that even now there are multitudes amongst Hindus who can stand both for Muslims and also for the idea of India. 

But pray, do not be blinded. This is a fraction of what the Sanghis can mobilize for CAA. I am certain that if a referendum were held on the issue, BJP will win hands down. 
The secularists would need more pragmatic and directly affecting issues, such as unemployment, to take on the Sanghis. Unless the government hurries with NRC / NPR the CAA protests will subside and eventually vanish. 
CAA is far too subtle, indirect and idealistic an issue for unaffected Hindus to engage with and en masse 
It is time to play it down and to rest the case there gracefully 
But let's not lose hope. This has at least rekindled the conscience of many neutral Hindus to the isolation, insecurity and suffering of Indian Muslims.

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