15 January, 2020



1. Yes, very few Hindus are protesting against CAA, in proportion, and many actually support the govt move.

a. Muslims who are complaining about this low percentage should ask how many Muslims protested for Hindu causes, anywhere. 
b. Muslims should never undermine the grave risks those few special people have taken, to stand in solidarity with Muslims, without any immediate personal reasons 
2. Realism, and not bravado, are needed. 

a. Naturally Shaheen Bagh and such other protesters [admirable that they are] will tire out, or will be evicted in the name of public order and facilitation. 
b. CAA protests will fade out in some time. NRC will be deferred until tempers cool down. NPR will go on slowly. 
c. If JNU had not happened, Jamia would have been forgotten. After all, what has been done against much worse oppression in UP? 
3. Various Muslim groups do not yet have pan-India coordination, and active liaison with non-Muslim secular forces 
a. By now the protests should have enlarged the scope to include unemployment, inflation, women’s safety etc 
b. An effective national strategy should have emerged. 
4. The salutary aspect is that by and large the protest have used nationalistic symbols and iconography. This should remain integral to all secular Muslim agitation, not letting the mullahs take it over. 

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