17 January, 2020


1. Please help me compile a list of institutions including colleges, universities, offices, departments, companies, NGOs, CSOs, and other entities, bodies and associations and state governments that opposed #CAA - with or without opposing NPR and/or NRC.  

2. Please include politicians, artists, business and industry captains, bureaucrats, judges, soldiers, scientists etc etc [serving and retired] who may each be known to at least 1,00,000 people. 
3. Kindly write their names, with a maximum of 25 words, introducing them and their opposition role, separating each part with a dash. Please care for spelling and text accuracy, since we may publish this list. Omit what you are not CERTAIN is correct. Fewer names are okay; incorrect aren't. Let credibility be the hallmark of this list. 
4. Please title your comment with the word 'HEROES' and kindly avoid including any other matter in such comments. For that you are welcome to message me. Let this thread read like the directory. 
5. Please start each name on a new line, so I can compile a database more easily. 
6. It would help if you tag your friends and share this extensively to be able to help compile a truly representative list. 
7. I will publish this directory here with the names of the contributors, [unless you prohibit publishing your name] 
8. For once, please trolls, keep off. This is a peaceful exercise, ain't it? 

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