02 January, 2020


Over the 29 years of living on this planet I have heard the imaginations of many humans. I see humans as an animal that I can understand and observe. This is probably why despite knowing its economic scope I chose psychology as my major. 

I definitely don't know the cosmos and I seek to understand how it works. So, I indulged my curiosity and many people obliged. 
As a child too I could tell that no one knows, but I was intrigued by their desire to explain it. We call this religion. An attempt to understand the ultimate. 
Well, it really is a philosophy but because it is widely worshipped it becomes a religion. 
So, I ventured into a territory that I was warned about and learnt many things that shaped me as a human being. 
I found that the human tendency to belong somewhere can make him believe things he can't quite grasp. Nobody could sufficiently explain God or even a snowflake, but a community they all definitely belonged to. Some were actively engaging in community whereas others believed that they were a part of that community due to their names, leanings, etc. 
Just like no one understands the constitution of India but everyone professes their loyalty to a political party like that religious people don't understand the book but they do profess their loyalty to it. 
This loyalty and the resulting sense of community comes at an extremely heavy price though. 
Because your membership to one group means your alienation from the others. 
Just like to belong to something you believe great stories, like that to alienate something you believe fake stories. 
Here are the views about Muslims that I found were completely untrue. 
1) A Madrasa is not a school; it is where Imams train young minds to do their bidding (Jihad). 
2) European nations are abandoning Muslims and will soon get rid of them. Examples quoted are Switzerland, Sweden, England, France and Hungary. The truth is that the Europeans are negotiating a middle ground among all the people that now live here and it is based on their respective constitutions not popular discrimination. Most people negotiating on the refugees' behalf are Europeans. And this process is natural for an evolved democracy that encourages debates and protests in order to form policies. The arguments used by Europeans in their public debates are being propagated by Indians as confirmation of their own bias. What they are not propagating is the validity of these arguments. 
3) Islamic Women are encouraged to have more children to add to the numbers of the Islamic population. The truth is that most developing Islamic nations have the same birthrate as India. We still have not found a conclusive reason for varying fertility rates but based on some researches the criteria for measuring birthrate is related to the country's economic prosperity, education and wealth distribution. 
India : 2.33 births per woman 
France : 1.9 
Germany : 1.50 
Slovenia : 1.57 
Japan : 1.44 
USA : 1.80 
Somalia : 6.27 Muslim 
Sudan : 4. 53 Muslim 
Ethiopia : 4.20 
Nigeria: 5.53 
South Africa : 2.46 
Uganda : 5.59 
Iran : 1.66 Muslim 
Qatar : 1.91 Muslim 
Saudi Arabia : 2.53 Muslim 
Lebanon : 1.72 Muslim Majority but secular 
Turkey : 2.05 Muslim Majority but secula 
Pakistan : 3.48 Muslim 
Bangladesh : 2.10 Muslim 
Bhutan : 2.05 
Myanmar : 2.21 
China : 1.62 
Sri Lanka : 2.05 
Indonesia : 2.36 Muslim 
Singapore : 1.20 

Philipines : 2.92 
Below is the list of Indian states and their respective fertility rates. 
4) Minorities in Muslim Majority states are persecuted. Indonesia is a Muslim Majority state and has an Island called Bali which is totally inhabited by Hindus. I have been there, I didn't hear any complaints from Hindus there and all the temples were in top notch condition. In fact the government of Indonesia promoted Bali as their most popular tourist destination due to the vibrancy of their culture. 
Some Muslim Majority states have an overwhelming minority population like Lebanon. 
Muslims 57.7 per cent (28.7 per cent Sunni, 28.4 per cent Shi’a, smaller numbers of Alawites and Isma’ilis), Christians 36.2 per cent (Maronite Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic [Melkites), Armenian Orthodox, Protestant and others), Druze (5.2 per cent), Jews , Baha’is, Buddhists, Hindus. These figures are estimates; the last official Census was conducted in 1932, so there are no official figures available. The percentages concern Lebanese citizens and do not include the large Syrian and Palestinian refugee populations. 
Hence that claim is also very very untrue. 
Countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia have more expat population than local population. The expat population though doesn't acquire the rights of citizens, they do get better compensation for their work than their home countries. 
5) The ban on Mosques in Switzerland. 
There was no ban and there cannot be. There are more Mosques in Switzerland than Gurudwaras and Temples. The ban was on the height of Minarets. And that was also based on the strict building regulations of Switzerland. The controversy was rooted in the Swiss love for their surroundings, not their inclination to bigotry. 
6) Islam is the fastest growing religion. 
Global Population 
Muslims : 1.9 billion 
Christians : 2.4 billion 
Hindus : 1.15 billion 
Jews : 14.5 million 
Buddhists : 521 million 
Secular : 1.2 billion 
Sikhs : 30 million 
By the looks of it, I think Secularism is the fastest growing religion. 
And Secular people are just as passionate about converting others as Muslims are inclined to do.

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