28 February, 2020


Mercifully all #Hindus are not monolithic. 

I always refused to believe that all Hindus - or for that matter, all #Muslims - are monolithic. There are good and there are bad potatoes amongst both. 
Notice how some Hindus - including policemen on duty - mercilessly killed/injured innocent Muslims. The Bad Guys 
Notice also how some Hindus risked their lives to save Muslims. 
Similarly, while a lot of poisonous writing and television anchoring is happening, some of the most moving, as well as the most daring and honest writings and exposes of the Delhi Carnage have come from the Hindu pen. The Good Guys 
I am and shall remain a friend of the Hindus so long as there are some good Hindus left in India. Pray, this rapidly dwindling tribe survives.

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