11 April, 2020


How can I crib all the time, specially when so many fellow humans and my own fellow-countrymen are languishing in sheer helplessness, clustered in narrow shanties, or are living under the sky, on the highways, in the labour camps, threatened by a deathly disease that stares right in their face, without the assurance of the next meal and essential medicines for their loved ones? 

 I live in my own house, am able to work in my own attached office, 14-16 hrs a day, have guaranteed food served to me, and reasonable security of life and limbs. 
My electric power has not failed once in a whole month; never has our water supply been stopped once. 
These are the blessings of modern urban civilization. We owe these to our forbear’s sustained work, as much as to our own collective teamwork, of decades. 
But all this can crumble under the onslaught of the disruptions Covid-19 can cause. Or, worse, we ourselves can create, through our own hate and bigotry. 
Let us count our blessings and celebrate life, while we are alive. 
And spare a thought for those that are denied these. 
Honestly, how can I crib? 

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