17 April, 2020


The ill-informed, half educated Facebook warriors will do nothing, literally nothing, tangible for the good of #Muslims, but they will jump in on every thread distracting serious debates. 

Instead of acknowledging truthfully the misdeeds of their fellow faithfuls they would go to ridiculous extents to find conspiracies and blame everyone but themselves 
They are amongst the least secular philanthropists and socially conscious humans. 
These armchair, hypocritical defenders of the faith don't know that the most popular, globally respected Muslims are not of the practicing variety! Including Hamied of Cipla and Azim of Wipro! 
For 7 years I have been watching them on these pages. Rarely does any of them support, in time and sufficiently, my progressive initiatives,p beyond "Jazak Allah" and occasionally good wishes! 
On the other hand, several Hindus support materially my initiatives likely to benefit primarily Muslims. 
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan when he was my guest told me that in order to help Muslims it is more productive to count on the support of Hindu friends. 
Hundreds of Muslim troll posts such as this. But none of them provides material support. Not one did so little as to supply email IDs of distinguished Muslims who may be persuaded to issue a public statement explaining the Tableeghi issue. What else could they do? 
I have little doubt that the secular charity and Muslims don't go together. 72 virgins and rivers of honey and milk are necessary for them to unzip their purse, or lift a pen or walk two steps in the sun 
Doesn't there have to be valid reasons why Muslims are amongst the world's poorest, least educated and rapidly relegating religious community?

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