03 April, 2020



1. If this is the extent and level of knowledge, science-awareness and caliber of the Supreme leader of such a vast organization, what would be the direction, the world-view, and the quality and efficacy of the pursuits of its followers?  

2. Read the letter they wrote to the police. Hardly speaks of even average scholarship. And it went from their headquarters! 
3. Come to think: these people are replete with resources. No wonder they are able to provide relief and make houses for the Muslims in distress, And no wonder, therefore, that they command both following and awe of the community. Endowed with this, they also command political patronage by all and sundry, BJP included. Maulana Vastanvi and Zafar Sareshwala openly endorsed Modi. 
4. They are usually pro-powers-that-be and are none of the militant fanatic the brigade paints them to be. They are usually innocent of reason. Many of them are sincere, if blissfully unaware of contemporary scientific advances. 
5. It is weird: they command resources because they are faithful. Because they are faithful, they enforce faith over reason. And thus the stock of the community remains unchanged. 
People like me who are working transparently for putting some sense into the community's secular life struggle for pennies while the faithful shower pounds on them. So who is to blame? Their donors! That explains why purely secular and social leadership doesn't grow in Muslim community easily. Liberal and truly secular Muslims are scarce and generally isolated. 
PONDER: A conference that should normally have heard speeches in support of scientific approach to fighting Corona heard just the opposite, and caused a havoc Muslims will dearly pay for. And yet they remain Muslim leaders.

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