12 May, 2020


Nations are made of lofty dreams, grand vision, large heartedness and true chivalry - not through bigotry, narrow-mindedness and shortsightedness 

Through communal polarisation we ensured ghettoisation of Muslims Today they live in suffocating congestion. Forget social distancing; they can't even live in dignity. 
And not always due to poverty, but largely due to polarization achieved through multiple channels: communalism, insecurity, legal hurdles (such as ban on property sale) etc 
Take Jamalpur in Ahmedabad for instance. A 50 yard flat there costs more than a 200 yard flat in several Hindu areas but Muslims dare not go, live there. Nor are they allowed to. 
This congestion will inevitably spread diseases, not to mention several other socio-political and psychological disturbances. 
Sadly but not surprisingly far more Muslims are dying in Ahmedabad than others, prorata. 
And obviously they are taking along many others with them. Ditto for several other cities of India. 
True nationalists wouldn't have led to this polarization and congestion, contributing seriously to the impoverishment of the nation as a whole.

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