15 May, 2020


These are some rudimentary suggestions to promote national integration and to discourage ghettoization and polarization 

If you are sincere discuss, improve and implement them. 
1. Levy 20% extra property tax on units in every housing society, and shops and factories in commercial and industrial estates that is exclusive to one religious community and offer a 20% subsidy to every such collective that has at least 25% members from at least four other religious communities 
2. Set up a statutory ANTI-DISCRIMINATION COMMISSION where anyone perceiving discrimination can file a complaint on a Rupees 10 affidavit on the pain of perjury. The onus of proof should fall on the accused 
3. Set up an EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES COMMISSIN committed to promoting equal and fair opportunities for all. It shall promotes fair play and transparent recruitment allotment of tenders and purchases. Every company registering with this Commission shall be audited to renew is registration. No company not so registered shall participate in any government tender or be entitled to substantial bank credit or any preferential allotment in free trade zones, industrial development corporation et cetera 
4. No bank and financial institution that grants less than 25% credit to religious minorities shall be entitled to refinance from reserve Bank nor to open any banking account from any provincial or central government 
5. No public officials, minister, CM or PM will participate in the functions of any association, club, professional body or organisation whose membership does not have at least 25% representation from at least three religious minorities 
6. No media agency, newspaper or television channels shall be given government advertisements unless at least 25% of its anchors and editorial staff come from at least three religious minorities 
7. The boards of directors of all publicly held joint stock companies, commercial and public sector banks, public sector enterprises must have at least 25% representation from at least two other religious minorities 
8. No school college university or other training institution shall be entitled to govt recognition, much less funding, unless 25% of its students come from religious minorities 
{Add yours} 
All talk of National Register of Citizens, Uniform Civil Code and national integration itself and all slogans like Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas appear insincere unless concrete steps such as above are taken in right earnest 
This is the moment for the UCC champions, and self proclaimed nationalists. Come and gain the trust of your minorities and they will take steps towards national integration. 
If you are not anti minorities and have not used UCC merely as a tool to whip up public disquiet show your sincerity by promoting this charter

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