30 September, 2020

Miscellanea [1 July 2020 - 30 September 2020]


    One may suffer this and most will fear it. Purpose achieved! Subjugation. Frightening. 
    But is this India? Is this Hinduism? Is this Civility? 


  •  Our enormous capacity to be fooled is only exceeded by the appetite of the conman to fool us 


  •  Does education guarantee #rationality? No. Indeed, without common sense, confidence & self-respect it may promote irrationality. 


  •  Our failures can be useful teachers if we don't allow our critics to break us. 
    Beware of non-constructive criticism. 


  •  Every lighted object we see up in the sky are mostly Galaxies and the rest are about 10,000 stars in this tiny circle and, of course, our co-planets and the moon. 
    In the visible sky the size of one square inch as perceived by us there could be thousands of galaxies. 
    Marvels of heavens. 


  •  When you tolerate departure from the rule of law against her and him and them, remember: it will be YOU someday, standing alone! 


  •  When an argument hurts, maybe it was a good, strong argument. Or maybe the person arguing hit you below the belt. 




  •  Isn't all governance essentially and fundamentally just old, plain, brute power politics 


    - not because we don't feel but because it is imprudent to say w/o hurting the larger causes we are wedded to. 


  •  One doesn't notice too much of communalism but galloping intolerance and fascism. 


  •  When you meet a long lost #Muslim friend hug him: He likely has gone through rougher times for some years: 
    Rising suspicion, hate and communalism, CAA-NRC backlash, Kashmir suffocation and Delhi massacre, economic deprivation and, now Covid-19 
    Give him another cause for hope and optimism 
    That is how healthy and fair societies evolve. 
    And, who knows, his children will likely repay to yours. 


  •  Reform is an unending, continuous endeavor towards a better society 
    If we don't reform incessantly, we are likely to regress. And gravely regret 



    This is what the modern world needs if it must have the religion. 
    THIS APPLIES TO ALL FAITHS: FROM ISLAM TO HINDUISM TO CHRISTIANITY ... virtually all organized religions. 



  •  The admission of the good by the good as good is rendered difficult by the evil refusing to admit the bad as bad 


INDIA, don't do this to your minorities. 
Not in the name of the Constitution. That is unconstitutional 
Not in the name of Hinduism. That is UnHindu like behavior. 
It is not a courageous act to beat or kill a vulnerable individual. 
Such incidents are alienating the Muslims from India rapidly. Isn't causing such alienation a very anti-national act? 


  •  Every attempt to reconcile #religion with #science seems either completely fraudulent or hugely compromising 


  •  When I see staunch #believers deeply immersed in material pursuits and comforts, I only find hypocrites & unbelievers 



  •  If we pretend that the present is one and that the future is one then we must own up our past as one 



  •  Individual fighting is understandable as human failure. 
    But a collective #war is clearly an insane machination. 


  •  When we say something to the one, we care about, we leave a lot unsaid. This silent zone is where /real #communication happens 


  •  #Life is neither crystal clear to fully explain, nor too dark & complex to live out. In reality Life is the confusion in between! 


  •  For a lot of our #young, Modernity consists merely of Americanizing their English and using the first names without prefixes! 


  •  You are not #young, intelligent and brave if you don't have the guts to think for yourself and own up to your decisions 


  •  When those that can hang innocents & free murderers sell their souls for MP, Governor or CMS hip, you know #politics IS powerful! 



  • Keep resisting manifest wrongs: if not by action, then by attitude. And if even that is not possible then at least in thought. 



  • A man indulges, lives life king-size, splurges, consumes drugs, abandons his own family... Guess who is blamed? His girlfriend! 


  • Bad leaders can convert evil to virtue. In this new environ the good cant defeat them. Thus they perpetuate. 


  • Less pain flows from #failure than from the ignominy linked with it. For a happy world avoid glamourizing #success 


  • There can be no champions without competitions. But competitions require rules and cooperation. So let us respect the rule of law. 


  • Sometimes all this looks so unreal, surreal, illusory, even a simulation... Effects appear as Causes. 


  • I am afraid of governments that are afraid of their citizens. 
    Distrust begets disloyalty! 


  •  My way to learn #computing: If I face this problem today, some must hv faced it before & some sold a solution! Find it 


  • A good #teacher is one who teaches his students how to learn. Without him 


  • Profiting from casting couch & complaining against that culture = Prostitutes blaming their customers for their fate. 

  • Our life, it sometimes appears, is a secret - to us; everybody else seems to know us so well! 


  • Work v. hard for many years to succeed. But if you want it easy & quick, utter some provocative statements against the 'other'. 


  • When the evil dominates, the good can still stir - our conscience! 
    This is dated but no less relevant. 


  • There are times when I feel I have nothing to complain. Indeed, I find quite a lot of more deserving people less fortunately positioned. 


  • Society nurtures many different layers, each with its own morality. If you can find and befriend yours, you may live in peace. 
    Fairness is for other layers! 



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