29 September, 2020


I could as well replace the AND with AGAINST 

So much resistance do I see amongst #Muslim clergymen against everyday #science that I'm bewildered how the community puts up with it even as Muslims reap its fruits in everyday use technology 
Recently I did a workshop for 57 imams and Muftis of local mosques 
I had built a case for spherical shape of the earth and absence of sky using excellent videos and a live demo of Google Earth zooming out from their hotel to cover Ahmedabad, India, Asia and the full sphere of Earth 
A group of 5 clergymen registered their strong protest against what they deemed as my anti-Quranic teachings. 
According to them earth was flat and the sky was for real. 
Their registration details showed that only two of them had passed High School while most had secular education of around 7th standard 
When a Muslim offers namaz in a mosque he typically proclaims allegiance to the imam who leads that prayer 
What would become of a community whose imam's knowledge of everyday science is barely equal to your knowledge of Mars? 
Through my interactions with the community in Gujarat - especially since 2002 - I'm appalled by the deep seated inertia against science in the community 
Muslims in many countries are embracing science and should be rated much higher than their Ahmedabadi brethren. Yet the global Muslim inability to adopt Islamic teachings to scientific discoveries has rendered the community either a hypocritical mass or outright ignorants 
No wonder Muslim performance in the fields of the sciences lags behind that of all other major communities. 
While this is worrying enough for the Muslims, it is generally alarming for the entire world as we're talking of 1.7 billion earthlings!

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