09 October, 2020


Muslim Indians have felt threatened by an intimidating section of #Hindu Indians. Often times this frustrated their individual and community development planning. That sometimes led some of them to feel despondent and scared. 

India is a country of diverse – and sometimes contradicting – interest groups. Its diversity is occasionally subsumed by strong nation-wide trends. However, this – indeed, no single ideology – can unite the nation forever. 
Besides, India’s socio-cultural heritage is not so corruptible as to sustain total sabotage. Given some time, internal contradictions and also old civilizational values will kick in, thus diluting seemingly unending anti-Muslim aggression. 
All that Muslim Indians need to do is to focus their social – specially educational – empowerment, even as they carefully stay off controversies. 
I live under no illusion that bearing through that correction is an easy task. But there is much hope at the end of the tunnel. 

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