28 November, 2020



If the test of 'human knowledge' - or the possibility for an extra-ordinary human to have written all that could have been known to him at that time, is evident in all scriptures.

In other words, there is nothing - in clear and firm language - in any scripture that could NOT HAVE BEEN known to wise men of the time.

Scriptures that religions today adore can be proved to be limited by the knowledge that was humanly known then.

Which books - clearly, or at least as clearly as they mention dozens of other things - contain easily and unambiguously indicative of the North or South Pole, the sphericity and haleocentricity of Earth, or of the American continent [much less of the Incas and Aztecs....], or of evolution, quanta, or even of such things as computer and electricity?

Notice that - not frugal for words - they spend words, sentences and pages on stories of romance, revenge, migration, merchandize...et al.

And, conversely, which scripture does not contain some text that has been found to be outdated, incorrect, and contrary to our scientific understanding of how things came to be and how processes work?

If the attributes of divinely inspired writings include infallibility, total accuracy and being futuristic and beyond the human boundaries of knowledge, then which of the hallowed books qualify as such?

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