17 December, 2020


 In a democracy the government is not a Guru, nor a teacher, but a mere executor and facilitator of people's will.

If in its wisdom the government wanted to bring agrarian reform for the farmers, as it claims, then the minimum it should have done was to consult the farmers themselves, which it did not.

The government hurried this piece of legislation through the parliament through the route of ordnance and did not let the opposition have its say. Merely because it has a majority it ought not to obviate the decencies of democracy, of consultation, of hearing the contrary point of view.

Now that the people for whom the government brought these legislations don't want it, for whatever reasons, what wrong if the government defers this reform by a year or two, specially considering the dire economic and sensitive security situation of India?

It is both naive and unethical to prop up fake farmer leaders to distort public perception.

On a more fundamental level why should we wish that the government, and not the people, win always?

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