About Us

M Hasan Jowher is the Promoter of the NGO called SPRAT [https://sprat.in/introduction].
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What follows introduces SPRAT:

We are a secular society that abides by reason, science, constitutionalism and humanism. When we started as an informal entity in late 1998, we confined ourselves largely to science promoting activities. The communal violence of 2002 in Gujarat(India) shook us completely and compelled us to embark on a comprehensive strategy of grass roots social work. We made a humble beginning with urgent relief for riot victims, thanks to the spontaneous help of good Samaritans.

“Towards a society Civilized by Reason, Empowered by Compassion”. In the pursuit of this vision we have adopted the mission to engage people in myriad empowering activities in areas of education, livelihood and recreation: “Empowering the Impoverished through Rational Action. Together”. Blending contemporary professionalism with conventional compassion, we work with complete transparency and accountability. Through decentralization we harness voluntary talent of everyday persons in various walks of life.

Our long-term programs, such as CARAVAN empowerment centers, TALEEM literacy program, MUSKAAN adventure and science appreciation parks, seek to serve the under-privileged, providing them with hand-holding support. Periodically we also conduct ad-hoc, time-bound projects as needs arise. Overall SPRAT engages diverse groups of people in shared pursuits of learning, earning and enjoying together, responsibly.


  1. Dear Sir,

    It was great reading about SPRAT.

    I would love to be associated with SPRAT as a volunteer.



  2. We are privileged that we can count upon your talents. Please do give us more details about yourself via info@sprat.in so that we may discuss how best to deploy your volunteerism in the service of the people.